Mark Powers

Senior Associate, Registered Landscape Architect

Mark is a registered landscape architect who came to the profession through his interest in agriculture, which he attributes to fond memories of time spent at his grandfather’s farm.

He is excited by the puzzle of combining art, sociology, and ecology to create meaningful outdoor spaces. He brings a love of storytelling to his work, and strives to come up with elegantly simple solutions to complex challenges. He has diverse experience, including work on large-scale master planned communities, multi-family developments, commercial spaces, and private residential lodges & estates. In his decade-long career, Mark has collaborated on the planning, design, and implementation of various public projects across the urban transect, and has contributed to private residential projects published in Architectural Digest and Traditional Home Magazine. When not at the office, you can find him on his bike, tending his garden, keeping up with the Atlanta Braves, or looking for birds with his beloved hound dog, June.


University of Georgia, Athens | BLA