2022 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture: On Friday November 11, Stacy is leading a discussion on interspecies dynamics and the  increasing importance of wildlife in designed landscape and on Saturday, November 12, Diane will discuss what it means to create a culture of collaboration and how to leverage the power of partnerships to amplify the profession.

Animal Agency in the Landscape
Can animal agency improve resilience in the time of climate change? Two designers and an ecologist will discuss ways of collaborating with wildlife and enhancing public attitudes towards truly ‘living’ landscapes. Superbloom Principal and co-founder Stacy Passmore will present alongside Gena Wirth, Design Principal at SCAPE and Steven Handel, Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Rutgers University.

The Power Of Partnership: Dynamic Duos And Collaborative Design Practices
The ethic of collaboration is often paid lip service in the design industry, but can purposeful partnerships define innovative approaches to entrepreneurship? Superbloom Principals Diane and Stacy will lead the session: The Power of Partnership: Dynamic Duos and Collaborative Design Practices at the 2022 ASLA conference alongside speakers and Principals from emerging practices Atlas Lab (Kimberly Garza with Erik Prince), and Merritt Chase (Nina Chase with Chris Merritt).