Future partnerships and budding friendships were formed this weekend at the Denver Botanic Gardens, the perfect backdrop for a conversation on innovative design, and roses.

Since 1947, the Denver Rose Society has been a beacon for rose enthusiasts across Colorado. This vibrant rose-cultivating community shares invaluable tips on rose care and eagerly learns from each other and from guest speakers. They recently invited us to speak at their 2024 kickoff meeting at the Gardens’ new Freyer Newman Center, where flora and imagination intertwine. Diane and Dominique shared our work and design ethos to a great turnout of DRS members, and in return were able to borrow their brains on the best varieties to grow in our arid and dry climate.

Throughout its 75+ years, the Denver Rose Society has accumulated countless lessons in cultivation in our challenging climate. The members graciously imparted Superbloom with the second edition of  “Growing Roses In Colorado”, a guidebook that is filled to the brim with Colorado rose-growing knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned rosarian or a sprouting enthusiast, this guidebook is a must-read as this group has left an indelible mark on Colorado’s landscape, and on Superbloom. Our gratitude for roses has grown exponentially, thanks to the lovely members of the community-driven Denver Rose Society, and we look forward to connecting again!