Superbloom has had the pleasure of supporting the Cherry Creek and Speer Boulevard Vision and Feasibility Study by the City of Denver Community Planning & Development, Denver Parks and Recreation and the Denver Department of Transportation, led by @hdr_inc and @snohetta.

The portion of Cherry Creek that passes through downtown Denver has changed significantly in the past two centuries. Once a lush waterway, the stream was channelized when Speer Boulevard was constructed during Denver’s City Beautiful Movement of the early 20th century. Today, we see the stream contained within concrete retaining walls to protect the adjacent roads from floodwaters. As Denver continues to evolve, so does our treatment of our precious resources– with a greater understanding of the city’s ecological role, perhaps the next adaptation of Cherry Creek will feature a restoration of natural functions in an urban context.

In collaboration with HDR, Snøhetta, and the City and County of Denver, we have been providing a feasibility study and vision plan of Cherry Creek and Speer Boulevard with the goal of revitalizing the city’s primary ecological corridor. From trail pathways to wildlife habitat to softening the floodway’s edges, we can imagine a deeper connection to our landscape through this historic urban artery. 

Superbloom is thrilled to be working on this visionary project alongside such an incredible team of designers, taking a closer look at one of Denver’s most important mobility corridors, critical waterways and a piece of Denver’s historic parkway system.