Superbloom attended the CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning 8×8 to hear from 8 emerging leaders in Denver’s landscape design and architecture industry, including our own associate, Dominique Raymond. She presented her research on an emerging field in landscape architecture known as trauma-informed design, which is the integration of the knowledge of trauma’s effect on the body with a mindful design approach.

According to the national council of behavioral health, 70% of Americans have experienced some form of trauma. In landscape architecture, this relates to safety and risk management, providing comfortable spaces for our users, memorializing historic events and creating supportive landscapes that allow for future healing to occur. To accomplish this, user engagement is key- TID is highly user-oriented and different people are activated by different things. At Superbloom, we have been implementing various strategies to incorporate this practice in our current projects. Watch for updates as we dive deeper into this subject and explore how it is elevating our practice. Write to us at if you would like to learn more about this.