Principals and Co-Founders Diane Lipovsky and Stacy Passmore chatted recently with Jordan Felber on The Landscape Library Podcast about starting a design practice, and everything from design process to research and fieldwork.

They also talk about some of the unique aspects of their practice such as the benefits of modeling, their favorite materials for physical models and … how the simple essence of being outside can influence a design in the most magnificent way. Jordan noted “in talking to Diane and Stacy, it is apparent that their passion for restorative, regenerative landscapes is complemented by their expertise in fusing ecological and social systems throughout their designs.”

Read the full story and more of their conversation here!

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The Landscape Library is a residential landscape design platform focused on showcasing and serving renowned and up-and-coming landscape designers and architects with media and digital products. Thank you to Jordan and The Landscape Library for the great conversation!