In the December 2023 issue of Landscape Architecture MagazineTimothy A. Schuler‘s article Space to Grow, Dryland Farming Comes to the Suburbs Thanks to an Innovative Community Park highlights Superbloom’s innovative work on the 1881 Park in Aurora, Colorado.

“When Diane Lipovsky, ASLA, and Stacy Passmore, ASLA, the founding principals of Superbloom, first visited the Windler homestead in Aurora, Colorado, to develop a proposal for a new community park, they knew they didn’t want to treat the buildings like dollhouses. “We tried to think through how it wasn’t just a museum where people go to learn about farming; it was also your community park,” Lipovsky says. “We want this to be a place where we can celebrate the history of dryland agriculture but [also] have a more future-oriented approach to what that means.” The 15-acre park will serve as the central green space of the Windler development, an 850-acre planned community that broke ground in 2022. Designed by Superbloom and Shape Architecture Studio, the green space is envisioned as a…”

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